Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For the time being.

Oh, friends. Never, ever take anything for granted. My wonderful, amazing computer crashed and died on me yesterday. My life was on that computer (and apparently for the small, small fee of $175 BestBuy can get all that back for you).

She lived a good, long(ish) life. Born in 2006, she certainly got her fair share of miles.
I'm planning a memorial service soon.
... in lieu of flowers, please send money to the "buy Jennie a new mac" fund.

I had big plans to post the red velvet cupcake recipe, but alas, I can no longer do that. So things are on hold here for a bit. I am hoping to get a new computer next week.

Let this be a (big) lesson. Do NOT procrastinate on buying an external hard drive. Don't be like me.

Don't despair, I'll be back, I promise! You just might have to live on blogs without pictures for a bit.

Side note, why are macs so expensive? I am a loyal friend. Long time supporter. Why must they drain my bank account?  No good, Apple. NO GOOD!

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