Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New project!

I promised an exciting new project, so here I am to deliver!

During my break from school I have had so much free time, I honestly don't know what to do with it. I can't decide if being bored is better than being stressed and busy or not. Earlier this week I was browsing the internet and I came across this project idea. After reading more about it, I decided that it looked so neat that I couldn't pass it up.

The Day Zero Project is basically a list of 101 goals that you come up with to complete within the next 1001 days (1001 days works out to be approximately 2.75 years). I LOVE that this gives you a realistic amount of time to complete your list of goals. It's not a the typical "year" and allows you a longer period of time to really set up some great and sensible ideas/tasks for the future. You can do any type of goals you want- big goals, small goals, in between goals- no discrimination on the type of goals you want to set!

The catch? All of your goals need to be measurable. As the project explains, you can't use ambiguous wording like "lose weight". If losing weight is one of your goals, it's best to specify how much weight you want to lose- that way you are more likely to set a realistic goal and be able to better track your progress.

I am so excited to start this project! But let me tell 'ya-  a list of a 101 things is a lot! It took me so long to come up with all those different goals! I was seriously struggling towards the end there!

You can see the list of all my personal 101 goals on my Day Zero Project Page. I'll be updating and (hopefully) crossing things off as they happen! I really feel like this will be a great way to fulfill the next 1001 days with fun projects, trips, and important responsibilities, and help me keep track of all that I've completed! Everyone loves to set goals for themselves and then check those goals off their list, so I can't wait to start crossing those babies off!

Has anyone else heard of the Day Zero Project? If not, I challenge you to start one of your own! We can do it together! DO IT!
... No pressure.



  1. I love this idea. I may have to do this myself (and maybe steal some of the projects on your list). :) Good Luck to you!
    -Cara :)

  2. Thanks, Cara! Feel free to steal some of my ideas- I got a little help coming up with some of them from the project website :)
    - Jennie