Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day Trip # 1

I am off and running on the Day Zero Project! On the 9th, Matt and I took a quick day trip to downtown New Bern to visit the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola! Neither of us had visited downtown New Bern before, and I have to say, it is really a cute place! It's not especially large, which I like. It's just a simple, cute downtown filled with lots of quaint stores and historic sites (like the birthplace of Pepsi-duh!)

Unfortunately it was really cold and rainy, but gosh darnit we were determined to get ourselves a Pepsi float from the original Pepsi site!

Turns out, Pepsi was created in a pharmacy and was originally called "Brad's Drink"- named after the guy who created it, Caleb Bradham.

The store was filled with cute, little "Pepsi" trinkets. I loved these salt and pepper shakers!

Lots of these vintage-style signs.

We really loved all of the old Pepsi bottles they had on display (There were tons of different Pepsi glasses from around the world, too!). It was neat to see how the Pepsi look evolved throughout the years.

The style of writing on the bottle on the left was fantastic! I wish they would bring that back.

The original Pepsi formula. Look at all that sugar! There was a sign in the store advertising Pepsi-Cola as delicious, and nutritious! Bahaha.

After getting our fill of Pepsi history, we finally sat and enjoyed our Pepsi float. So delicious!

I wish we could have stayed and explored more of downtown, but it was freezing! We were ready to get our homebody selves back to our comfy, heated home. We'll definitely be taking another day trip to really discover all the downtown New Bern has to offer.

So, now that I've completed a few things, I've updated the Day Zero Project page with my recent activities. I feel like I've already started making a dent in this hefty list! Can I get a woot, woot??
... Hello?
... Anyone?

- I'll be back soon to post about movie watching adventures with Matt, as well as a post about the fabulous red velvet cupcakes I made! Mmmm. In fact, I think I may go eat one of those now.


  1. And it wouldn't hurt to share that cupcake recipe with your dear old mom!

  2. Haha! Thanks. I promise, I will share the recipe soon!